While we were writing The Complete Legal Writer, we read everything we could on legal research, writing, citation, advocacy, and more. After all, there were decades of research in our field, plus new, cutting-edge research being produced all the time.

Lots of that supporting research made it into our book, and we’ve put a list of the citations here on the website. We encourage you to check it out. Here are some highlights:

  • Kevin Bennardo’s empirical research on nonbinding authority: Testing the Geographical Proximity Hypothesis: An Empirical Study of Citations to Nonbinding Precedent by Indiana Appellate Courts. (Kevin is now Alexa’s colleague at the University of North Carolina School of Law, so she gets to hang out with his intellect every day.)
  • Kristen Tiscione on how email has made its way into the practice of law: The Rhetoric of E-mail in Law Practice.
  • Jennifer Romig on the function of legal blogs and other public legal writing: Legal Blogging and the Rhetorical Genre of Public Legal Writing.

Go check out the many great pieces by people who are not us!