The Complete Legal Writer

by Alexa Z. Chew and Katie Rose Guest Pryal

What People Are Saying

“This uniquely reader-centered text indeed empowers students to grow into complete legal writers.  The authors gently yet firmly guide students through ‘genre discovery’:  careful study of sample legal documents, by which students construct for themselves the conceptual frameworks that writers of such documents need.  Students thus till the soil, plant seeds of understanding, and harvest their own insights—and thereby enjoy ‘ground-up’ rather than ‘top-down’ learning that is refreshingly autonomous and remarkably effective.”

-Craig T. Smith, Assistant Dean for the Writing and Learning Resources Center and Clinical Professor of Law, UNC School of Law

The Complete Legal Writer promises much and delivers more. The text covers fundamental concepts including legal logic and analysis, research methodology, the writing process, and citation literacy. The overall tone is refreshingly readable and will undoubtedly resonate with students. What sets the text apart is not the wide variety of sample legal documents offered, but its potential to equip students with a method of evaluating all documents/genres using an approach that will prepare them to write and ultimately to practice more effectively. The rhetorical legal genre approach is quite a discovery, and no law library collection would be complete without this book.”

– Law Library Journal (2016)

The Complete Legal Writer lives up to its name: it presents a comprehensive, fresh, and intuitive approach to teaching legal writing that invites students to confidently and enthusiastically cross the divide between their prior writing experiences and the world of legal writing. By giving students the tools they need to critically examine the documents that lawyers write, the authors’ genre-discovery approach empowers students to meet (and exceed) the expectations of their new reading audience, even when they are faced with the challenge of writing a document they may not have seen before.  With the text’s warm tone, humorous touches, and vivid examples, the authors have hit a homerun that will engage faculty and students alike while arming students with skills they will use throughout their professional lives.”

-Ruth Ann McKinney, Emerita Professor of Law, University of North Carolina School of Law.